About Infinity Multimedia

Infinity Multimedia is a communications company specializing in writing and journalism, editing of the written word, photography and videography.

Infinity is a concept that I can’t bend my mind around. It would seem, then, an incongruity to name my business after something my brain cannot conceptualize. However, when applied to my first creative love – photography – infinity speaks to possibilities. When looking through a lens focused on infinity, everything in view is within my artistic grasp.

So that’s the idea behind Infinity Multimedia. I write, edit, photograph and produce videos. I offer my clients possibilities within all these realms. When gazing at the ground glass on my field camera, I search for the nuances that will make a great image. When working with clients, I’m searching for the nuances that will create high quality, lasting and memorable properties within the written, photographic and video realms. Let’s explore the possibilities.