Photography History

Since the age of 14, photography has been my main passion in life. My parents, for Christmas that year, bought me a Yashica Minister-D rangefinder camera, and since that day, cameras and I have been inseparable. Soon after receiving the cherished gift, I learned to process black and white film, and then, to print it. The first roll of film that I ran through the camera, of a heavy snowfall that Christmas, was dense, because I processed it too long. I quickly learned the finer nuances of properly exposing film, developing it precisely, and then, the magic of watching images come to life as prints in the developer tray. I began to apply my newly found skills to taking pictures for the high school annual and for the student page in the local community newspaper. I had my first photograph published with a photo credit when I was 16 years old and the excitement and anticipation of that moment, looking for my photograph in a newspaper, has not abated.

I had my first job as a photojournalist when I was 18 and I’ve had my work published in daily and weekly newspapers, plus magazines, ever since. My love of photography morphed into becoming a portraitist, studio photographer and landscape shooter. Ansel Adams is my favourite outdoors photographer and I had the honour of interviewing my favourite portraitist, Yousuf Karsh, in my first daily newspaper job in my young 20s. This brilliant documenter of some of the most famous and influential people of the 20th Century was a fascinating, humble and accessible interview subject. Karsh continues to be a huge influence and inspiration.

I have won national and provincial awards for photojournalism, accorded by the Canadian Community Newspapers Association and the BC and Yukon Community Newspapers Association. I am seeking accreditation from the Professional Photographers of Canada. I am also planning to set up photographic studio space in Powell River.

Please check my website regularly for updates to my photographic portfolio.