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I began my career in communications as a low-technology practitioner. Stories were written on manual typewriters, corrected by editors using sharp pencils, and handed over to typesetters. Photographs that I had taken were turned into halftones that could be rendered into recognizable images on printing presses and my news stories were output on photographic typesetters. The photographs and stories were then hot waxed and manually laid onto layout sheets that were photographically etched onto aluminum plates, affixed to web offset printing press rollers and inked before impressions were made on rolls of newsprint.

Since the beginning of my media career in 1976, communications have morphed from analogue to digital, creating technologies that I could not have dreamed of during the nascent stages of my career. Now, the opportunity to merge static print and photography into high quality video has become affordable and accessible. Hence, I am moving rapidly toward video as an addition to my communications output and business. New digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras have high definition video technology built into them, affording still photographers the opportunity to render video that has film-like resolution. I am currently engaged in the planning stages of several journalistic and documentary projects, both solo and in collaboration with other filmmakers.

Video – Accenting Hockey Play-by-Play

Video – Lund Shellfish Festival